The Bribie Island Community Arts Centre is a landmark building and one of the largest Arts Centres in the country. They wanted a sign that would make a statement about what goes on in the Arts Centre, the sense of community and to also have the practicality of a changeable signboard to advertise events and gallery showings. A collection of ideas was floated to the members and Meg Geer's iconic design was chosen. 

Inspired by the dune grass that covers the shores of Bribie Island and is represented in the famous billboard and painting by Dale Marsh that adorns the gateway to Bribie; the sign makes a statement for this vibrant community. 

The seven blades represent the members of the community supporting each other in their creative endeavors and the earthy colours reflect the centre's natural bush surroundings.

Collaborative Partners: The Blacksmiths Rosemount, Bribie Island Community Arts Centre, Moreton Bay Regional Council


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